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How can an underage drinking conviction affect your life?

Posted on August 27, 2015 in Underage Drinking

In Arizona, many drivers on the roads are under the age of 21. Owning a car can be extremely beneficial, allowing young people to expand their horizons, find better job prospects and live more independently. However, all of this can be jeopardized by a DUI charge. As the legal drinking age is 21, if you are younger than this and found to be driving drunk, you could face serious criminal charges.

If convicted, this could have a significant impact on your future, affecting many areas of your life. The mark on your criminal record lasts a lifetime and may reduce your chances of getting the job you want and even affect your college and student loan applications. A DUI conviction can also increase insurance prices and may make you more likely to be suspected of being under the influence of alcohol if you are involved in a future accident on the road.

You may not even need to be at the state limit of 0.08 percent to get into trouble. All states have laws in place that make it a criminal offense for a driver under the age of 21 to have even a low BAC. In some states, this limit is 0.02 percent, but in others, any amount of alcohol is considered too much.

If you are facing charges relating to underage drunk driving or, indeed, any other DUI charge, you may be worried about the future. It can be daunting to go through the legal process and it is often hard to know what to say or where to turn. Fortunately, an attorney may be able to provide the guidance you need. He or she can advise you about your potential defense strategies and may be able to support you during your trial, as you work to clear your name and protect your future.

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