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Can a DUI Conviction Impact Your Insurance Costs?

Posted on August 3, 2015 in Underage Drinking

In Arizona, being able to drive is extremely useful, and many young people get their license as soon as they are able to. However, as it is legal to drive before it is legal to drink, this can sometimes result in serious criminal consequences as young drivers get behind the wheel not realizing that they may be affected by zero-tolerance laws. This means that rather than having to have a blood alcohol concentration below 0.08 percent like most drivers, they could be arrested for having even a small quantity of alcohol in their system.

What Are Zero-Tolerance Limits & Consequences?

In some states, any trace of alcohol at all is enough to get you into trouble. In others, the limit is 0.02 percent, meaning that as little as a glass of wine could be enough to result in a DUI charge. The consequences of this could be fines, a jail sentence and potentially even the loss or suspension of your driver’s license.

Another consequence of a drunk driving conviction is that it could impact up your insurance costs. It is the policy of certain insurance providers to raise the premiums on those who are handed DUI convictions. It could also negatively influence your employment prospects and even affect your opportunity at being accepted to the college of your choice.

Why You Need an Attorney in Your Corner

If you are facing charges for underage drunk driving, an attorney could be a valuable ally. He or she can explain the charges against you and may be able to support you through the legal process. With this support, you can work toward a fair resolution to your case and may be able to avoid conviction altogether.

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