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Arizona man faces charges related to extreme DUI

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Blood Alcohol Tests

When accidents occur on the busy roads of Arizona, the consequences can be extremely severe. While officers are likely to investigate for signs of drunk driving, the fact is that even without the involvement of alcohol, when vehicles collide, the victims are often left with serious injuries or worse. However, the assumption is that intoxication makes the occurrence of such incidents far more likely as it reduces an individual’s competence behind the wheel.

As such, it is hardly surprising that officers do all they can to track down drunk drivers, even if this means carrying out extensive tests on people who may not be intoxicated. Furthermore, if someone is found to be over the limit, especially in the event of a crash that has led to the injury of a person, the penalties are usually severe.

One man in Arizona learned this the hard way after being found with an alleged BAC of 0.195. The 58-year-old man is said to have been driving an SUV at the time, which is believed to have tragically collided with a motorcycle. The SUV driver has stated that he did not see the other vehicle. Sadly, the motorcyclist died in the incident.

Following investigations into the incident, the SUV driver has been accused of manslaughter and extreme DUI. If convicted he could face hefty fines and a lengthy prison sentence. He is not alone, however, as incidents like this happen all too often. If you have been found with an excessive BAC and are worried about what may happen next, an attorney may beable to provide the advice and support you need.

Source: AZ Central, “Police: Driver was drunk in fatal Cave Creek wreck,” Judson Tomaiko, May 4, 2015

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