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Home Detention in Scottsdale

Home detention is now available in the Scottsdale City Court. This is welcome news for people charged with a DUI in Scottsdale. This allows a majority of the jail sentence to be served at home instead of in jail. However, Arizona law does require people to serve 20 percent of their sentence in jail before they are eligible to serve the remaining portion of their jail sentence in a home detention program.

What is Home Detention?

The basic form of home detention uses two separate devices to monitor individuals. The first is an ankle bracelet that connects with a receiver in the defendant's home. When the transmitter is 'in range' (approximately 35-150 feet) the receiver detects a signal and insures that the individual is compliant with the curfew restrictions. Likewise, when the person goes 'out-of-range' this is immediately detected and recorded by the monitoring computer as a 'leave event.' Individuals on home detention are allowed to leave home to go to work as specified by the home detention agency.

The second tool used to monitor individuals on home detention is a home sobrietor. This is a device installed in an individual's home and connected to their telephone. This is a breath testing device designed to detect if an individual has consumed alcohol in violation of a court order. This device will randomly set off an alarm which requires the individual to blow into the machine to insure they have not consumed alcohol.

These tests are randomly conducted while the defendant is at home during their curfew time. Proximity sensors and voice verification software ensure that the person on home detention is, in fact, the person taking the test.

Who is eligible for the home detention program?

Scottsdale Home detention requires that a person have no history of violence or domestic violence or pose a danger to the community. A home phone line is also required (not a cell phone but a hard wired land line). The person must also have a job in Maricopa County. Home detention is available on the following charges:

  • First Offense Extreme DUI (Minimum 30 day jail Sentence). Under current Arizona law someone convicted of an Extreme DUI could serve 6 days in jail with 24 days on home detention.
  • Super Extreme DUI Charges (Minimum 45 day jail sentence). Under current Arizona law someone convicted of a Super Extreme DUI could serve 9 days in jail with 36 days on home detention.
  • Second Offense DUI (Minimum 30 day jail Sentence). Under current Arizona law someone convicted of an Extreme DUI could serve 6 days in jail with 24 days on home detention.
  • Second Offense Extreme DUI (Minimum 120 day jail Sentence). Under current Arizona law someone convicted of a Second Extreme DUI could serve 24 days in jail with 96 days on home detention.
  • Second Offense Super Extreme DUI (Minimum 180 day jail Sentence). Under current Arizona law someone convicted of an Second Super Extreme DUI could serve 36 days in jail with 144 days on home detention.

Home Detention Benefits

In addition to not having to serve the full sentence in jail, there are numerous other benefits to Home Detention. First, the cost of home detention is significantly less than the cost of jail. The Maricopa County jail charges over $250.00 for the first day of jail and over $75.00 for every subsequent day. Home detention is around $25.00 a day. Obviously being at home is much more comfortable and convenient than being in Tent City. It's also much more convenient to travel to and from your home to work than it is from the jail.

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