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Driver may face felony DUI after accident in Arizona

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Felony DUI

When an accident occurs on the roads, particularly if that accident involves serious injuries or fatalities, law enforcement officers are keen to discover the cause. This means that drivers involved may come under suspicion of drunk driving. There are a number of tests designed to help ascertain guilt, but these are not always accurate. Drivers in Arizonamust be prepared to contest a felony DUI charge if they come under suspicion for this offense.

In Tucson, a man may be facing this very situation, after being involved in a fatal crash in March. During the accident, which occurred a little before 11.30, his pickup truck collided with a westbound car as he drove north on an intersecting road.

The driver is alleged to have neglected to yield to a stop-sign. The 90-year-old passenger of the car was hospitalized by her injuries and died some weeks later. The pickup truck driver and the 72-year-old driver of the car were also taken to the hospital after the incident. The truck’s passenger suffered only minor injuries.

Because he demonstrated signs of intoxication, the 55-year-old pickup truck driver was investigated for driving under the influence, but not arrested at the time. According to a spokesman for Tucson Police Department, the driver was spared arrest that day as a result of his injuries. However, he is now expected to face felony charges. This might amount to afelony DUI or even a vehicular homicide charge, both of which carry serious penalties

It now falls to this driver to prove his innocence, as a conviction could hugely impact his future. If you are facing a felony DUI charge, you may be worried about the consequences. However, all is not lost as an attorney with good knowledge of Arizona law may be able to help. With the correct guidance, you can often increase your chances of reducingpenalties, or proving your innocence entirely.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, “Tucson woman dies from injuries in crash,” Carmen Duarte, April 23, 2014

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