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Rollover accident in Arizona leads to DUI arrest

Posted on April 25, 2014 in DUI Charges

Being involved in an automobile accident is already a trying experience. However, if you are then accused of being responsible for that accident, or being under the influence of alcohol, the situation is even more difficult. In Arizona a drunk driving charge can lead to fines, license revocation andeven jail time in some circumstances. However, the tests are not always accurate and this can land innocent drivers in trouble.

One driver in Cottonwood recently ran into difficulties as he attempted to turn right out of a parking lot. His truck rolled onto its side after the driver lost control, hitting a guide wire by a power pole. Cottonwood Police were summoned to the scene, where they requested a breath test from the driver.

The driver was not harmed in the incident, but he was arrested following his breath test. According to the police, he blew 0.124 percent, one and a half times the state’s legal limit. It will now fall to this driver to maintain his innocence as prosecutors attempt to prove his guilt. Otherwise he may face a conviction. If he feels that themachine’s reading is inaccurate, he may be able to challenge it.

DUI offenses are taken seriously in Arizona, so it is important to know how to act if faced with a charge. If your arrest was not conducted correctly or if there is doubt over your test results, you may be able to avoid conviction. By allowing an attorney to advise you and help you evaluate your situation, you may be able to greatly increase your chances ofprotecting yourself from the potential consequences of a DUI charge.

Source: Verde Independent, “Main Street crash results in DUI arrest,” Jon Hutchinson, April 17, 2014

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