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10/10… Labeled as “Superb” AVVO Rating

Posted on January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Of course we cannot say enough good things about our “head honcho” Craig Rosenstein. He is an excellent lawyer, who is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and in our opinion should be anyone’s number one pick for their DUI/DWI representation. However, our opinion may be just alittle biased, so please don’t take our word for it. Instead take a look at the evidence.

Craig has earned a number of awards recognizing his superior knowledge in his certified field. For that, he has been awarded a “Superb” 10/10 AVVO rating, not only for his experience, but also for his industry recognition and professional conduct.

What is an AVVO Rating? It is a rating system that uses a mathematical model to calculate the level of an attorney. With a 10/10 rating being “Superb” and 1/10 rating “Extreme Caution,” one can see that Craig’s rating is the best lawyers can get. In this mathematical model, background data is collected on each lawyer to acquiretheir rating. The AVVO rating takes into account everything from experience, to public records (court records, State Bar associations, etc.), to disciplinary sanctions; thus creating an unbiased, no favoritism profile on each lawyer. Using Craig as another example, on his AVVO Rating henot only has years of experience, but also has excellent recommendations from his clients AND his peers. All of these factors, along with others, are taken into consideration when calculating an AVVO rating.

When deciding on legal representation, taking an AVVO rating under consideration could make all the difference in your case. The method used to calculate this score is highly effective and separates the qualified lawyers from the concerning ones, so you can feel confident in knowing you have selected the top representation for your case.

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