No matter what religion you are, chances are you have something to celebrate this week, whether it be Passover, Good Friday, or Easter. Often, people celebrate these special occasions with friends and family during the day, where the time just seems to fly by. As a result, what was originally one glass of wine or mimosa can turn into several. You might think that since it is early afternoon or during the day, that you are fine to drive and the risk of getting pulled over is slight. You would be wrong. This information is especially crucial for out-of-state visitors, who might be coming to visit their family or just to get away for the week, and are unfamiliar with the strict DUI laws in Arizona. Beware: the DUI squad in the Valley is always on the prowl, even during the day. So, if you are pulled over during the day-time and a DUI investigation ensues, you need to know your rights. It is not advisable to do the Field Sobriety Tests the officers instruct you to perform. They are by definition “un-passable”. Instead, politely request to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer. This is the last week of March, and there is a reason you either live in Arizona, or are visiting Arizona: You don’t like the rain. So don’t let a DUI conviction bring a cloud over your April. If you find yourself in a DUI or other criminal situation, contact us.