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Jail Time “Costs” in Arizona: You Pay for Your Time

Posted on October 5, 2011 in DUI Consequences

A conviction for a DUI in Arizona doesn’t just come with a criminal conviction on your record, MVD punishments (such as driver’s license suspension, points on your license, ignition interlock use requirements, etc.), fines and fees, and mandated alcohol screening and classes– it also comes with jail time. Now, although most people are awarethat persons convicted of a DUI charge in Arizona will typically serve jail time, most people are unaware that the person also has to pay for his or her jail time.

In Arizona, you are required to pay for your own jail time as if you were staying in a hotel (except without the amenities). The average amount is approximately $200 for the first night, and then approximately $90 for each additional night. So, with a long sentence, one could end up paying thousands in jail costs in addition to all of the other fines and feesthat come along with a DUI conviction in Arizona.

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