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SR-22 certificates add to costs of DUI convictions in Mesa Arizona

A mountain of problems surface for many people facing DUI charges. After an arrest, the potential repercussions start surfacing. However, many drivers in Mesa Arizona may not necessarily understand all of the penalties that go in tandem with a DUI, such as the SR-22 insurance requirement.

Understanding SR-22 certificates in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, all drivers who have had their drivers’ license revoked or suspended must obtain (and provide proof to the Department of Motor Vehicles) that they have purchased certain automobile coverage for their vehicle before getting their license back.

Drivers contact their auto carrier and explain their situation. If the insurance carrier can and agrees to provide coverage, they will be required to file what’s known as an SR-22 certificate with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This certificate is a way to simply show the DMV that all drivers who wish to apply for license reinstatement have purchased certain automobile liability coverage for their vehicle so in the event of an accident, coverage is provided.

High cost likely for SR-22

Unfortunately, along with steep fines, and maintenance and costs of ignition interlock devices, for instance, premiums for SR-22 insurance coverage for DUI offenders in Mesa, Arizona, are likely going to be high.

Driving history that includes accidents and traffic citations as well as age and the type of vehicle insured all play a part in determining drivers’ automobile insurance premiums. Drivers that need SR-22 certificates, such as those with DUIs, unfortunately, are considered high risk and as a result are typically assessed high premiums to be insured.

So how much of an increase will drivers needing SR-22 certificates expect to see once they wish to get their license back and obtain auto insurance? Of course, all instances are different, but typically drivers in the state of Arizona can expect to see increases of at least $200.00 dollars but can see increases of significantly more per year in premiums for their automobile policies. The amount they pay will also depend on the carrier they select as well as other vehicle insurance coverage they select.

Mitigating steep auto insurance premiums

However, drivers should understand that vehicle premium rates aren’t guaranteed to go up, it’s just likely that they will. However, every driver’s circumstance is different and each can even mitigate the rising costs.

Taking a defensive driving course is one way. These courses essentially re-educate drivers about appropriate driving methods such as proper ways to turn, pass and use traffic signals. They also teach drivers how to drive in different driving conditions.

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