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Female DUIs on the Rise

National statistics reveal that female Americans are getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking in record numbers.

According to a study recently released by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, women accused of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol have been increasing dramatically. Specifically, the study revealed that drinking and driving arrests have increased for women by 36 percent over the past ten years.

Why the Increase?

These increases among women are potentially connected to a few things worth thinking about.

Officer Safety is a major reason why arrests of women are on the up-swing. Officers are rightfully concerned with their safety. Pulling over women is generally a safer endeavor and significantly less likely to result in violent interaction.

Revenue Increases. DUI arrests are accounting for a larger and larger amount of the police agencies’ annual budget. In Arizona, the fines have become something police departments rely on. Therefore, we have seen increases in stops for ridiculous reasons. Traditionally, men have been subject to stop for driving behaviors that are disproportionally more aggressive (i.e. speeding and tailgating). No one is immune to random stops based off of silly infractions like wide right turns or driving without the little light above the license plate (a favorite of the Salt River Police Department).

The same amount of alcohol generally affects men and women differently, as women have different body compositions than men, such as the ratio of muscle mass to weight. In addition, men tend to have higher body weights than women.

Although there may be many factors or reasons behind the increase in female drunk driving arrests, it is clear that drinking and driving is no longer a problem only for men. Members of both sexes need to be aware of the efforts of law enforcement and to know their individual rights. It is even more important, if you’ve been charged with allegedly operating a vehicle under the influence, to contact an aggressive and experienced DUI attorney.

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