Queen Creek Drug Crimes Attorney

Arizona is harsh when it comes to penalizing people for possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Most drug offenses are charged as felonies, which can have lasting consequences. While some drug offenses may be probation eligible, others may land you in jail or even prison.

If you are facing drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia charges, having the right Queen Creek drug crimes attorney can be the difference between having a permanent felony conviction on your record and having no record at all. Contact the Rosenstein Law Group at (480) 248-7666 or online for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Types of Drug Offenses We Handle

Rosenstein Law Group handles all types of drug-related charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies that someone is accused of in Arizona. Drug cases that are charged out of Queen Creek include:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sales
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution

The Queen Creek drug crimes lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group have represented clients facing charges for marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamine, fentanyl, LSD, and MDMA to name a few. Some of these drug charges are misdemeanors while others can be charged as felonies. Felony drug charges can range from class 6 felonies to class 2 felonies. Given this wide range, a person could be facing substantial prison time if convicted. Whether you face allegations of simple possession of a marijuana pipe or grinder, or shipment of large quantities of drugs throughout Arizona, our drug crimes attorneys have the knowledge and experience to offer aggressive representation that gets results.

The Rosenstein Law Group looks for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, such as unlawful stops, illegal searches, violation of your Miranda rights, and problems with forensic testing. Challenging the state’s evidence can lead to reduced charges or even dismissal of drug charges. In the event that your case goes to trial, the Rosenstein Law Group is ready to fight to protect your rights and ensure justice.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Queen Creek Drug Crimes Lawyer

Contact the Rosenstein Law Group at (480) 248-7666 or online for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We will give you honest advice to help you navigate your drug charges that you or a loved one may be facing in Queen Creek, AZ. The legal team here at Rosenstein Law Group is passionate about protecting the rights of those accused of all types of drug crimes. Our Queen Creek drug crimes attorneys are constantly educating themselves to stay on top of every changing drug crime laws in Arizona to seek ways to further help their clients. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney that is qualified in defending drug crimes therefore they may be able to negotiate your drug charges down to a lesser degree if you have no prior criminal record. Our drug crimes lawyers never encourage any of our clients to just plead guilty, we work hard in ways such as pursuing a not-guilty plea, convincing the courts to dismiss the charges against you or negotiating for lighter penalties. Contact Rosenstein Law Group today to get our skilled drug crimes attorneys started on your case with a comprehensive look into the specific drug offense prosecutors are accusing you of and creating a defense strategy accordingly. Fill out a contact form online or call (480) 248-7666.


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