Set Aside - Record Expungements

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An arrest or conviction for drunk driving, traffic offenses, or other criminal charges can come back to bite you later. Most employers these days perform criminal background checks. A conviction on your record may affect job prospects, college eligibility, and even the ability to obtain credit.

The Rosenstein Law Group of Scottsdale can advise on whether you qualify for Set Aside in Arizona (the closest thing our state has to record expungement). Our attorneys represent clients in the Phoenix metro and the rest of Arizona.

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What is a Set Aside?

Set Asides are short for set aside judgment of guilt and dismissal of charges. It is codified in ARS 13-907 and allows for someone who has been convicted of or who plead guilty to a crime to file a motion to a Judge, and ask that the Judge dismiss accusations or information, and order that the person be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction.

Is it like an expungement?

Set Asides are the closest thing that Arizona criminal courts have to expungement. There are, however, some differences that are important to understand. The analogy that we like to use is that if every conviction is a page in a book, an expungement acts to rip out that page as if it never happened. A Set Aside on the other hand crosses the information off of the page.

Am I eligible for one?