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The scenario is simple. A man suffering from a migraine decides to take a few prescribed pain pills before leaving to for work in the morning. Little does he realize that those pills he took, which may cause drowsiness, are considered impairing substances while driving in Arizona. Halfway through his drive, he is pulled over by an officer after ignoring a stop sign. In his moment of worry, he tells the officer that he has never had driving troubles and that his distraction could have been caused by the medication he is on. The man has just admitted to a drug DUI charge according to Arizona Revised Statute § 28.1381(A).

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DUI Drug Charges in Arizona

Many prescription drugs contain warnings against driving or operating machinery while on the medication. This is a sign that this drug can cause impairment to the driver's ability much like that of any other drug substance or alcohol. For this reason, Arizona drivers may face DUI charges even if they were using a legal drug at the time. Much like medical marijuana and other drug substances, drivers may face a DUI charge if the officer determines that his or her driving was impaired even to the "slightest degree." Arizona has not set any standards for blood-content levels concerning the use of drugs while driving. Nonetheless, if you've been charged with driving under the influence of a prescription medication, then you should at once speak to an aggressive and experience Phoenix DUI lawyer at the Rosenstein Law Group for help.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study in July 2009 on the impact of drug use on driving. The report revealed that while driving under the influence of alcohol as decreased over recent years, an estimated 16 percent of evening drivers have some degree of potentially impairing drug in their system. These "potentially impairing drugs" are not limited to illegal substances but also included prescription and over-the-counter products such as antidepressants, stimulants, sedatives and strong pain relief medication. This study has drawn attention to the subject of prescription drug DUI and law enforcement officers across the country are tightening the enforcement of relevant laws.

Someone who is arrested for driving under the influence of a legal drug is subject to the same penalties as any other DUI charge. While a first-time conviction is not usually accompanied by any jail time, fines and sanctions on driving privileges are a definite possibility. Additionally, penalties of repeated offenses of DUI are equally increased based on the frequency and severity of the offense. Remember, any DUI charge on a record, regardless of the substance involved, will merit a repeat offense if the driver is arrested for driving under the influence against. This means that if a driver was convicted once for driving under the influence of alcohol and then a year later, he or she was convicted of driving under the influence of an impairing prescription drug, that charge will be prosecuted as a second offense of DUI and sentenced as such as well.

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When most people hear "driving under the influence," their minds automatically resort to impaired driving by alcohol. However, this very assumption has led many Arizonans to unwanted drug DUI charges. Conviction is possible but not necessary, especially if you have an experienced defense lawyer by your side. Rosenstein Law Group has extensive experience in successfully defending clients against all types of DUI charges. We are dedicated to see our clients receive positive outcomes in their DUI cases and will do everything to ensure that it happens. Let us do the same for you.

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