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A drunk driving arrest in Arizona is often substantiated by law enforcement agents by use of chemical testing, including preliminary breath tests, urine tests and blood alcohol tests. Did you submit to chemical testing in connection with your Phoenix DUI charges? Rosenstein Law Group urges you to talk to a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer to explore aggressive defense strategies that strengthen your bid for case dismissal, reduction of charges or acquittal at trial.

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Are Breath Tests Valid?

It is well-known that PBTs (preliminary breath tests) are not reliable, but police persist in persuading people to submit to them anyway. Under the stress of a traffic stop on suspicion of drunk driving, many people act without understanding their rights — and sometimes the "evidence" that is obtained in this manner is clearly flawed and cannot be verified.

How Did Police Gather the Urine Sample in Your Case?

Testing by way of urine sampling is also problematic in many cases. It may be difficult for police to prove that a urine sample was not contaminated — or to prove where the sample was at all times before it was analyzed and used as a basis for criminal charges.

Was the Blood Alcohol Testing Done Properly Before Your DUI Arrest in Phoenix?

Many biological factors can skew the results of a blood alcohol test. If the level of BAC in question lies somewhere on the borderline between DUI and extreme DUI, or between extreme DUI and super extreme DUI, stakes may be very high. You are strongly advised to consult with a Phoenix DUI blood draw lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights.

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