Carefree-Cave Creek Medicinal Marijuana DUI Attorneys

Driving with medical marijuana that you are prescribed can still lead to DUI charges in the Carefree-Cave Creek Consolidated Court. Medical Marijuana DUI's can be charged in two ways in the Carefree-Cave Creek Consolidated Court:

  • Having marijuana or its metabolites in your system while driving. It is a defense to this particular form of charging to have a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana card. It is also a defense if only inactive metabolites, like carboxy-THC were found. You may also be charged with a medical marijuana DUI if you are
  • Impaired to the slightest degree while you have medical marijuana or its metabolites in your system. The previous two defenses do not apply to this charge

Carefree-Cave Creek Consolidated Court Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney

Don't face your medical marijuana DUI alone - you need an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to help you fight your Medical Marijuana DUI case in the Carefree-Cave Creek Consolidated Court. The attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group have experience and training with the chemical testing methods used by police to prove their case, as well as access to experts that can discuss the real effects of medical marijuana on your body.

The Rosenstein Law Group will create a comprehensive, aggressive, and effective approach to your medical marijuana DUI case out of the Carefree-Cave Creek Consolidated Court to help you get the best possible result in your case.

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